Game Review: Candy Crush



Are you wondering why everyone is looking on their phones CONSTANTLY looking at a screen full of candy?

Its ok if you are because I was as well.

There has recently been a serge in the popularity of the ios game, candy crush saga. In candy crush saga, players swap candies of the same color to clear them from the board (in a similar fashion to bejeweled) and complete the level goal. Goals are varied in each level, such as scoring points in a certain number of moves or within a certain time limit, clearing away sticky jelly squares, or moving fruits down to the bottom of the screen. As players clear levels, they advance along a gameboard map where they can track their friends’ progress and compare high scores on a leaderboard.


I was at first not overly appealed to the game, because it seemed like just an ordinary game where you score points and either win or lose. However, the ability to track a friend’s progress and compare scores with them brings out a competitive side where you want to beat them (its a natural instinct!). As I continued playing the game, I felt more compelled to continue playing and competing against my friends, whether to earn a higher score or to win more stars. I know that my reaction of the game has been experience by many of other candy crush players!

Happy Playing!



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