Goodbye SPCS ;(


Today is unfortunately the last day of my SPCS camp at Stanford University. I’ve spent the last exciting three weeks away from home learning about design and prototyping in a Computer Simulations and Interactive Media course taught by my wonderful teacher, Sherol Chen. Prior to this summer camp, I only knew one computer programming language, Java, from an online Java course. But after three short weeks, by computer science knowledge has expanded way beyond. Some of the topics  I’ve learned from lectures include: Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal conversions, Arrays, Stacks, and Queues, Big O, Finite State Machines, and Cellular Automata.


Besides time in the classroom, my class went on three field trips to three fascinating locations: The Tech Museum in San Jose, The Exploratorium in San Francisco, and The Computer History Museum in Mountain View.


We also spent a lot of time working on fun design projects, each of which I have blogged about. However, if you haven’t read my past blogs, you can find my work using these links:

Finally, I want to thank my teacher Sherol Chen for designing an intriguing, interactive, and importantly, fun course that expanded my interest for computer science and my advisers Peter and Julie for their constant support, advice and help!


This has been unforgettable experience, and I will cherish the memories and friendships I’ve made forever.